Dear Cousins,

The primary goal of the Association is to « Allow today’s Demers families to get to know
each other and to fraternise ». We wish to reaffirm this goal and, through the available Medias,
reinforce a sense of pride and belonging to this great name by posting exploits, events and projects
concerning Demers.

Despite all the preparations we had put in place for our gathering of last September, the
pandemic got the better of us once again. We had hoped the sanitary rules would be relaxed
before the gathering to allow us to receive more guests but shortly before then, the rules still limited
gatherings to a maximum of 25 participants. To make matters worse, two weeks before the
scheduled date, the municipality of St-Nicéphore informed us that our gathering room had been
requisitioned by Elections Canada.

Nonetheless, the obligation to hold a general assembly remained and it could no longer be
postponed. Therefore, an email invitation was sent to everyone requesting members to join us
virtually, via Zoom Video Conference.

Twenty people attended this virtual meeting and the members who were present approved
the various items on the agenda, including accepting Hélène, Philippe and Louis-Martin as
members of the Board of Directors. Over the last two years, both had been contributing on the
Board as guests.

As we hope that the health situation will return to normal, we now plan to postpone our long-
awaited gathering until June 2022, in Drummondville, in the same gathering place and same
activity. Naturally, we will notify you as soon as we have the necessary confirmations.
We are continually on the lookout for articles of interest about our family history and
particularly about the families who migrated to western Canada and the United States in the 19th
century. Great numbers of Francophones left Quebec at that time. They colonized and populated
these areas. Even today, French names appear in all spheres of society.

With the approaching Holiday season and the end of the year 2021, I am once again the
spokesperson for the Board of Directors in offering you our best wishes for a very Merry Christmas
and a Year 2022 complete with health, love, friendship and prosperity. This year, once again, the
holiday season will be different. We must "continue to adapt" and I keep hoping for a return to
normality. If you have the good fortune to be able to gather in small family groups, say thank you
to life and enjoy every moment.

Alain Demers, President

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