Dear Cousins,

The primary goal of the Association is to « Allow today’s Demers families to get to know each other and to fraternise ». We wish to reaffirm this goal and, through the available Medias, reinforce a sense of pride and belonging to this great name by posting exploits, events and projects concerning Demers'.

We were getting ready to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the association's in 2020, but the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus forced us to review the plans already made. The containment measures brought us all to rethink the way we carry out our lives and so it is with the annual gathering of 2020.  Unfortunately, during a virtual meeting held on March 29th the members of the Board decided to postpone the annual gathering that was to take place in Drummondville on June 13th until next year.  It saddens me but life changes even the best plans!

However, we are still required to convene a meeting of the General Assembly to endorse the annual report presented by the Board of Directors.  At that time, it will also be necessary to confirm the composition of the Board of Directors, approve any new members of the Board and confirm the members of the Executive in their roles.

Therefore, if the confinement measures remain the same, we plan to hold a virtual meeting of the Board of Directors in August and determine at that time he format of our Annual General Meeting to be held in September. Will we host a meeting, if so where?  Or, will we have to meet virtually in a video conference?  Is there another way to hold the meeting?  At this point in time, we can only predict that present events will bring about changes in the way we do things.

In 2013, following major changes in our leadership and with social media becoming more prevalent in our lives, we embraced increased communications.  Since then, most of the planet opted for the way of technology, especially our youth who will soon become the leaders and influencers of our destinies.

Our presence on the Internet has made us known far beyond Quebec's borders because we are now in contact with all of North America.  The people who follow us are enthusiastic about the idea of retracing their origins and have started to participate in our activities. Other projects are underway in the hope of increasing our visibility with those who frequent social media and thus facilitate their access to our services.

I am happy to report we now have several younger members on our Board and while I continue to take great pleasure in representing the Association sooner or later I will retire to make way for youthful energy to give the Association a new lease on life.

Even though our annual meeting is postponed for a year, I want to assure you that we remain active on our Facebook page. Visit us!  The containment we all experience will eventually pass.  Spring is coming, we must invent new ways to enjoy it.  Everything will be alright!  Let's follow the guidelines and maintain our confidence in the future.

Best regards.

Alain Demers, President

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