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Demers !!

Welcome to the new Internet site of the “Association des familles Demers”.

Our Association was established in 1990 by Paul-Arthur Demers with the assistance of nineteen volunteers who answered his call.  This year, we celebrate our 25th. Anniversary.

In the nineties, it was fashionable to seek out our origins, and the Association progressed by leaps and bounds thanks to the dynamic work of its Board members.

Let’s review some of the accomplishments:

  • The family crest
  • 2 trips to our country of origin
  • 2 major gatherings
  • 2 annual assemblies running over a period of 15 years before settling for one annual gathering held in June
  • Publication of our information bulletin “l’Arbre du Mai” twice a year
  • Recently, establishing Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Gathering of the genealogical data of the first 6 generations
  • Numerous promotional products
  • A book written by Jacques Brunette on the History of the Demers.

There is a revival for genealogy generated by recent TV shows.  Our association is well rehearsed and solid and we hope this will encourage our children to join our membership and rejuvenate our image to better coincide with their lifestyles.

When I accepted the role of President in October of 2013, following Paul-André’s death, I wanted to introduce the Association to the era of communications and Social Medias tools.  We are progressing well in that direction.

In keeping with our original objective “to know and share what we know about the Demers and their history” our Social Medias will keep you informed of events and products concerning the Demers.

If you have already joined our Facebook or Twitter accounts, please continue to stay informed about our activities and remember to “THINK DEMERS”.

I hope to see you soon,


Alain Demers, President

Association des familles Demers Inc.

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