2018-2019 Annual Report

2018-2019 Annual Report

Hello everyone,

Welcome to this 29th Annual Meeting of the Association des familles Demers Inc.  It is with great pleasure that I submit to you an account of our activities for 2018-2019 as well as the projects and/or transformations that we are planning for the year 2019-2020.

We have maintained the pace of the transition which started in 2013.  I wish to thank everyone who have given freely of their time as directors or volunteers. These people form a young and dynamic team and contribute by their generosity and determination to make our Association unique.

So, here’s what we have accomplished over the last year:


Three meetings of the Board took place:


September 15, 2018Video Conference:   December 8, 2018

March 24, 2019

A meeting of the Executive:

  • Video conference:    February 24, 2019

A meeting of the Genealogy Committee:

  • Video conference:    July 13, 2018

It is worth mentioning that we continue to have numerous communications over the internet.


Person in Charge: Alain Demers

Since May 2014, I've prepared, written, collected texts, pictures, put everything together on the computer and published “L‘Arbre du Mai”. As editor, I wish to thank all those who collaborated in the bulletin providing me with texts, pictures, translations, proofreading prior to publications and identifying possible sponsors.

I would like to especially thank Andrée Demers who joined our Committee and who has agreed to be responsible for editing the text that we have prepared.

Many of our members, concerned with the waste of paper, are now receiving their newsletter by email in PDF format.  If you wish to subscribe to this service, please inform us directly or by e-mail at info@famillesdemers.org


Persons in Charge: Alain Demers, Jocelyne Demers-Owoka and Alexandre Demers

Marketing and promotional products:  At present, we feel we have an interesting inventory.  Many of our members had requested flags, therefore we ordered flags and banners representing our logo.  These have become popular sale items.  A list of our products with an order form are available on our website.  Please refer to it if interested in purchasing our promotional items.  The prices are reasonable and they could make interesting gifts to family members.

Our maxim “Think Demers”, meant to stimulate an interest in all things Demers and which should be part of our daily lives, seems to be making its way.  Think about it!!

Communications: Jocelyne Demers-Owoka is responsible for our Facebook page and she is doing exceptional work.  The number of visitors is increasing steadily.  Many interesting topics are presented.  If you want to be notified of our publications, visit our Facebook page and click on the “like” under the picture of our Board members.  If you are aware of an event of interest emphasizing a “Demers” share the info on:  media@famillesdemers.org

Alexandre Demers was responsible for our Twitter account.  This platform did not correspond to our objectives and was therefore closed.

Our Website creates significant interest.  In fact, since its launch, we have had more than 5000 visits, some through our Facebook page which is linked to it.  I was able to make a few minor updates, but I’ve had to ask our webmaster to make some changes of a more technical nature.   Recently our supplier AB6 sold to Webilio. The cost of their services will remain the same and we expect to receive the same good service for our updates. Our thanks to Patrick Demers who looked after our needs.


Person in charge: Alain Demers

The meeting of June 9th. in St-Élie-de-Caxton was a great success. The weather cooperated making for a very pleasant day as we had the pleasure of meeting some of the legendary people who live in this village.  With our loyal members who usually attend our yearly activities, we had the visit of Dennis Doiron, a members who lives in Maine and who is the author of a blog.  Suzanne prepared a summary of one of his blogs for our publication of May 2018.  Dennis was accompanied by his cousin Patrick M. Demers, a life member who was on the Board of Directors in the early years of the Association. I personally discovered that I am 3rd cousin with his wife.

This year’s gathering will be on July 6th and 7th.  For this celebration we will be returning for the third time to the Juvenat Notre Dame, in St-Romuald.  Indeed, the location is perfect for this very important event as we highlight the 375th anniversary of our arrival in New France. We expect the gathering will be up to your expectations.  Please make plans to reserve that weekend to attend. The program of the event will be published in our spring publication and in our social media.  Watch for upcoming additional information!


Person in charge: Johanne Demers

In addition to the research we carry out, some of our correspondents share with us their genealogies via internet.  This information is subsequently relayed to our dedicated genealogist, Yvan Demers, thus improving our database.  We’ve also renewed our subscription to Ancestry for an additional. Concerning Heredis, we were granted two 2018 license updates shared between Suzanne, Johanne and Yvan. I waited for an offer of discount and bought a 2019 version.

We continue to archive many paper and/or scanned documents. These are mainly deeds, birth, wedding or burial certificates, but there are also articles and excerpts from books about the Demers.  The central data bank, as well as paper documents, are under Yvan’s care. Johanne compiles the numerical data.

Our research, meetings and consultations with historians or experts have allowed us to come to a reasonably verifiable conclusion that that Jehan Demers and his three sons, Étienne, Andrew and John arrived in this country in 1644.


Person in charge: Luc Gingras

Luc is adapting well to the work of Treasurer.  On June 1st 2019, during the Annual General Assembly, he will present his financial report as well as budgetary estimates for the coming year.  At that time, we will also receive the final report of the persons mandated to carry out final financial reviews.

Our mail is now sent directly to Luc’s home address.  This facilitates his work.


Persons in charge: Rosy Scalvini and Johanne Demers

Rosy is responsible, among other things, for preparing the agenda and minutes of meetings, proofreading, translating, etc.  Johanne, for several years now, has had the specific task of keeping track of membership cards.  In order to simplify this part of the work, we have begun the process of standardization of the membership cards, to a fixed renewal date, namely April 1st of each year.  The process if going very well and standardization is nearly completed.


I've been talking of a new book on our history in recent years. It will be completed in time for the gathering. It is a narrative whereby Jehan Demers tells the tale of the settlement of his three sons in Nouvelle France. It is also an intergenerational interactive tool encouraging, particularly the younger generation, to identifying the couple of the first generation who were born here and who are their personal ancestors and recreate their own family history with this knowledge.

Alain Demers


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