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Hi and welcome to our website.

The primary goal of the Association is to « Allow today’s Demers families to get to know each other and to fraternise ». We wish to reaffirm this goal and, through the available Medias, reinforce a sense of pride and belonging to this great name by posting exploits, events and projects concerning Demers'.

In terms of activities, 2018 is still a very fertile time in various events. We invite you to see the tabs 'Activities' and 'products '.

  • On June 9th, we held in bright sunshine, our annual meeting and General Assembly at St-Élie de Caxton in Mauricie (see description and photos).
  • In response to a request from our members we ordered flags and banners bearing the image of our coat of arms (see products).
  • We have undertaken an exhaustive research to confirm the year of our arrival in New France.
  • Our Facebook page is productive. Our publications are of interest and stimulate exchanges with Demers or descendants correspondents, across America. My meetings, amongst other things with Andy Demers in Florida and Myron Demers of North Dakota (descendant of Etienne) have been very rewarding because they create friendships in addition to exchanging information of genealogical nature.

The "rejuvenation" of our Board of Directors is well underway and we are counting on you (the X generation) to maintain the momentum. Beyond genealogy and history, we wish to seduce you by bringing our Association more in line with your generation. You are the ones who can make this happen.

Follow us on our various sites which are linked together to be informed of our different publications, activities and/or news. Don’t hesitate to send us your comments or suggestions.

Best regards.

Alain Demers, President

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