Fifth first generations


Jehan Dumoys was a rope maker in Autretôt, a village in Haute Normandie, in 1555.  It was then a centre of Protestantism.  The first Celtic tribe of “le pays de Caux” were known as “les calètes”.  During the middle ages the region was colonized by the Vikings.

Jehan married Marguerite Berservoyse in Autretot (France), 27 November 1555.  They had a daughter, Marie in 1556 and Jehan who married Elisabeth Henze in 1596 and Adrien who married Catherine Pougnye in 1594.


Adrien Dumoys married Catherine Pougnye in Etoutteville (France) on 12 August 1594.  They had a son Jehan, who is the father of our ancestors in New France.


Jehan Dumay was born around 1595.  He lived in Dieppe.  His first wife was Miotte Lecombe.  She gave him a son:

  • Etienne, in Dieppe around 1618.

Jehan’s second wife, Barbe Mauger, gave him 4 children.

  • André, in Dieppe, 2 March 1628.
  • Catherine, in Dieppe, 5 May 1629.
  • Jean, in Dieppe, around1630.
  • Laurent, in Dieppe, 1st October, 1635


Jehan Dumay and his 3 sons: Etienne, André and Jean, sailed from Dieppe in 1643 for “la Nouvelle France”.  Catherine and Laurent remained forever in France.

Jehan’s presence is testified by his purchase of land on the coast of Beaupré which he later abandoned in 1646.  On January 1, 1648 he signed as a witness to the wedding of his son Etienne in Quebec.

Jehan was granted 50 acres in Cap Rouge in the Seigneurie of Gaudarville that he abandoned in 1650 and returned to France after having settled his sons.


Etienne was born around 1626 in Dieppe.  He sailed with his father and 2 brothers to Nouvelle France in 1643.

He married Françoise Morin in Quebec on 28 January 1648.  Following a short stay in Ville Marie in 1649 he returned to the area of Quebec.  He later obtained a concession in Cap Rouge, where he lived for 40 years.

Etienne died on January 25, 1697.  The couple had 9 children.

André was born on February 3, 1628 in Dieppe.

He first arrived in Quebec with his father and 2 brothers.  He moved to Ville Marie around 1649 where he married Marie Chedville on January 17, 1654.  Maisonneuve granted him land near the river St-Pierre in Pointe Saint-Charles.  He later settled in Pointe-aux-Trembles because of reoccurring danger by the Iroquois Indians.  André died in Pointe-aux-Trembles on July 17, 1711.  The couple had 12 children.

Jean was born February 6 1633 in Dieppe.  He sailed with his father and 2 brothers to Nouvelle France in 1643.

Being the youngest of Jehan Dumay’s sons, he was waiting for the opportunity to go to Ville Marie.  The opportunity came in 1653 with the arrival of the “Grande Recrue”.  On Novembre 9, 1954 Jean marries Jeanne Védie, in Ville Marie (Montréal).

Jean is his brother’s André neighbor by the river Saint-Pierre, the danger created by the Iroquois pushes him to return near Quebec at the end of 1662 with his wife and first 3 children.  Jean will be granted land on the shores of Lauzon in 1666 and later he will have a stone house built in Quebec on the road Cul-de-Sac in 1689.  Jean died on July 3, 1708.  The couple had 13 children.



  1. Marie:  born May 31st , 1649, in Montreal

Died before the census of 1666.

  1. Nicole: born November 18th , 1650, at the Mission Saint-Joseph de Sillery

Died before the census of 1666.

  1. Etienne:  born on March 1st , 1653 and baptized in Sillery on March 7, 1653

Died before the census of 1666.

  1. Anonyme:  born on January 31, 1654

Died on the same day.

  1. Jean:  born on August 28th , 1655, in Quebec

Died before the census of 1666.

  1. Etienne:  born on December 3rd , 1656, in Sillery

Married Jeanne Françoise Ménard on November 25, 1686.

Died September 15, 1702, in Boucherville.

  1. Joseph:  born in 1658

Married Marguerite Guitaut known as Jolicoeur on October 25, 1683, in Laprairie.

Married Marguerite Perras on September 20,1699, in Laprairie.

Married Angélique Brune on July 23, 1708, in Varennes.

Married Françoise Petit on November 24, 1712.

Died November 30, 1728, in Saint-Lambert.

  1. Eustache:  born in 1661

Married Catherine Perras on April 21, 1688, in Laprairie

Died March 20, 1707, in Montreal.

  1. François:  born February 10th  and christened February 25, 1663, in Sillery

Married Jeanne Roannes on January 25, 1700 ,in Laprairie

Died July 19, 1717, in Laprairie.


  1. Catherine: born October 22nd , 1654, in Montreal

Died November 20, 1654 in Montreal.  She is the last person to be buried in the Pointe-à-Callières cemetery.

  1. Marie: born October28, 1655, in Montreal.

Two wedding contracts were cancelled before marrying Jean Roy on January 26, 1672 in Montreal.

Died January 23, 1887, in Montreal.

  1. Nicolas: born August 6,1657, in Montreal

Married Marie-Barbe Jetté, on October 23, 1679, in Montreal

Died October 21, 1708, in Montreal

  1. André: born October 24, 1659, in Montreal

Married Anne Jetté, on September 2, 1686, in Montreal

Died January 17, 1707, in Montreal

  1. Jean-Baptitste: born August 31, 1661, in Montreal

Married Cunégonde Masta, on February 25, 1686

Died October 25, 1690, in Montreal

  1. Michel: born October 3, 1663, in Montreal

Married Elisabeth Jetté, on November 27, 1685, in Montreal.

Died October 15, 1687, in Montreal

  1. Barbe: born August 8, 1665, in Montreal

Married Jacques Coiteux, on November 4, 1680, in Montreal

Died September 7, 1699, in Pointe-aux-Trembles

  1. Charles: born June 13, 1667, in Montreal

Married Elisabeth Papin, on February 17, 1689, in Montreal

Married Catherine Jetté, on October 9, 1707

Married Madeleine Cauchon-Bléry, on April 23, 1719

Died September 6, 1758, in Montreal

  1. Marie: born around 1669

Married Jean Bourthis (Boulerisse), on October 22, 1686

Married Charles Cary known as Vigneron, on November 1, 1712, in Longueuil.

  1. Robert: born January 11, 1671, in Boucherville

Married Madeleine Jetté, on April 26, 1694, in Montreal

Died Mai 23, 1741, in Montreal

  1. Paul: born January 25, 1673

Died February 17, 1690, in Montreal.

  1. Martine: born September 24, 1675, in Montreal

Married Paul Jetté-Durivage, on September 16, 1697, in Montreal

Died June 9, 1755, in Pointe-aux-Trembles.


  1. François:  born February 15, 1658, in Montreal
  1. Marguerite:  born October 21, 1659, in Montreal

Married André Bergeron, on July 9, 1673 in Sainte-Famille de l’Ile d’Orléans

  1. Jean-Louis:  born July 5, 1661, in Montreal

Married Jeanne Larrivé, on May 2, 1696, in Sainte-Famille de l’Ile d’Orléans

Died July 11 1736 in Québec

  1. Pierre: born October 8, in Sillery

Married Jeanne Pouliot, on November 1, 1691 in Saint-Nicolas

Married Jeanne House, on July 31, 1703, in Saint-Louis-de-Lotbinière

Died July 7, 1714, in l’Hôtel-Dieu of Quebec.

  1. Anne:  born August 30, 1664, in Saint-Nicolas

Married Gabriel Duchêsne on May 3, 1688, in Quebec

Married Michel Cureux St-Germain on October 14, 1693, in Quebec

  1. Eustache:  born August 30, 1665

Died the same day.

  1. René:  born August 13, 1667, christened on the 14th in Sillery

Married Anne Dubois-Lafrance, on May 2, 1694, in Saint-Nicolas

Married Madeleine Lavoie, on February 5, 1714, in Saint-Nicolas

Died December 21, 1729, in Saint-Nicolas.

  1. Madeleine:  born March 26, 1669, at Etchemin and christened on March 27 in Quebec

Married Georges Marion known as Lafontaine, on November 1693.

Died December 15, 1742, in Saint-Nicolas.

  1. André:  born in 1671, he was 10 years old at the census of 1681.  He was taken prisoner by the English in Acadia.
  1. Eustache:  born on May 5, 1673, at Etchemin, he was christened on the 7th. In Quebec.

Married Françoise Dubois known as Lafrance on November 3, 1694 in Quebec

Died December 14, 1708, in Saint-Nicolas.

  1. Catherine:  born April 4, 1675 and christened on April 10 , in Quebec

She died on July 5, 1693 in Quebec.  She drowned on a canoe trip facing Saint-Nicolas with her 2 girlfriends.

  1. Jean-Nicolas:  born May 18, 1677, christened on June 13th in Sillery

Married Marie-Anne Rochon Rocheron on May 3, 1700 in Sainte-Famille de l’Ile d’Orléans

Died December 16, 1740, in Saint-Nicolas.

  1. Michel:  born August 31, 1681, christened on November 26 in Saint-Nicolas

Died February 21, 1701, in Saint-Nicolas.

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  1. Last winter I began updating my mother's side of the family, born Rita Demers in Legal, Alberta, a direct descendant of Nicolas, son of Jean and Jeanne. As one research led to another I discovered so much about the family and the history of Quebec. I would like to thank the FamilleDemers for providing information on the first generations. As I was proofreading my work, I noticed a discrepancy that I hope you can clarify. When Jean Dumay (b. c1595) returned to Quebec from France in 1655 to attend the baptism of Marie, was that Etienne's or Andre's daughter? The website identifies Etienne's daughter (born in 1649) as the one but it was Andre's daughter born in 1655. On another point - was the Assoc. able to verify that all three sons immigrated with father Jean? I understand that many of the ships kept poor records of their passengers. Sincerely, Dennis Giesbrecht
    • Alain Demers
      Hello Dennis Did we ever exchange on your questions vis ? AD
    • Alain Demers
      Hello Dennis I'm revising the messages on the website. I may now be in a better position to answer your questions even if there from a while back because I wrote a book earlier this year about the beginning of our history. No, Jean did not return for the baptism of Marie (André's daughter). We clarified the document. Yes, all three sons came with Jean in 1644 (375 years ago). No passengers list but, other documents allow us to deduct positively they arrived at that moment. If you want to exchange more, write to me on Alain
  2. Strange, I read that Jean''s original name was DuMetz... Metz being a suburb of Paris. I am the Grandson of Aurea Demers Jolin
    • Alain Demers
      Hello Michel Did we ever exchange on ? AD
  3. Alain Demers
    Hello Christine, I beleive we exchanged earlier this year but just found this message now. I would greatly apprciate to have the sources you mentionned. I'm working on the "Guyonne" case presently.
    • Alain Demers
      Hello Christine About the Guyonne case, we now have the proof that there not part of our history. Alain
    • Alain Demers
      Hello Christine About the Guyonne case, we now have the proof that there not part of our history. Alain
  4. My Demers line descends from Andre & Marie "Chefdville" Demers. I found the Demers Families Association, Inc site early in 2000 when I began researching my Demers line. At that time the Association had this photo of the first Demers house in Quebec City. It also had a photos of a commemorative plaque placed on the land granted to Etienne Demers around 1650 and a photo of the Delvecchio House in Montreal placed on land owned by Andre Demers from 1655 to 1721 as well as more information about these brothers and their descendants. I have not been able to find the same photo's and information for Andre and Etienne. Am I missing something? I haven't visited the Demers Association site for a very long time. When did the newer version begin?
    • Alain Demers
      Hello Marie Please return to me on AD
    • Alain Demers
      Hello Marie The available new version has been published in 2014

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